Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Common Mistakes students make while choosing College

1. Proximity to Hometown

This has cost a lot many, a lot much. In today’s Global era, there is no such thing as proximity. Students think that they will be near to parents. Hence end up chossing wrong college. After 3-4 years of college, job will for sure take you different places. Choose the college that best suits your plans in life, not your plans to travel.

2. My relative said so

This is a common mistake. We call is wrong counselling. Students end up taking the word of a close relative and choose the wrong college. Don’t follow what they say blindly. Take suggestions, make enquiry. Reach an informed decision and not just play blind.

3. Topper Syndrome 

All the toppers are taking a particular stream. I should also choose the same. One size fits all is never a good option. Think what you want to do in life. What you want to become. Will you be able to cope up with a particular stream of studies? You should not fall for the Topper Syndrome.

4. He/She is also joining there

Believe me I have seen a lot of youngsters falling into this trap. They join the same college which their boyfriend/girlfriend (or mere infatuation sometimes) us choosing. Such students more often than not end up destroying their lives. Since they didn't choose the college out of merit, studies take a back seat. Secondly school romances rarely materialize. Boy/Girl end up hooking with someone else in college, and you are left to burn daily of angst. Never choose college from heart, apply the brain please.

5. It pays well

This is a dreadful thing to do to you. You choose a college/stream for it is currently fetching handsome salaries. You don’t choose what you like. This creates a lot of complexity. You have to like what you are studying or what you are doing. If you don’t like it, life ends up miserable. You can earn in any field if you got talent and will. But choosing a college just for the sake of money is bound to give a prolonged miserable life.


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