Monday, June 15, 2015

Controversy in Answer Key for IIT JEE (Advanced) 2015

Barely 3 days before the JEE (Advanced) 2015 results, IIT has released an updated answer key for the exam.

Controversy erupted after leading coaching classes and students analysed the previous answer sheet provided by IIT. A physics question had two correct answers while another one was muddled in ambiguity. After much hue and cry, marks are being to people who have marked either of the answer, while bonus marks will be given to all students for ambiguous mathematics question.

Even with this move controversy is not dying down. Students who didn't attempt the physics question fearing negative marking are up in arms. In IITs every single mark can result in up to 100 change in JEE ranks.

Please check the updated answer sheet for Paper 1 and Paper 2 below,

JEE (Advanced) Paper 1 Answer Sheet 

JEE (Advanced) Paper 2 Answet Sheet 

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