Friday, June 12, 2015

How Not to Not-Crack IIT?

Okay the heading reads goofy, I admit it. But there is a reason behind it. A lot of people meet me for counselling on "How to crack IIT?". What I tell them forms the crux of the article.

What I will tell today, might seem far fetched but believe me, it is the truth. Cracking IIT is not a tough task in itself. All it requires is good guidance and lack of luxury.

The more you live a life of luxury, the difficult it becomes to crack IIT. Remember sense of security breeds incompetence. I urge parents not to indulge too much into their child's wishes at the early age. Imbibe in him/her a sense of insecurity related to money. Don't make it easy on him.

This has to come from inside, I will lead life of a poor man, if I don't crack IIT. This my friend is the easiest way to crack IIT.

I have observed most of the students are sharp. Just that they put their energies in different fields. A good guidance is all one needs. Teacher might not be good academician. He should be a good motivator. Academics will be taken care of by the student himself, who don't want to live poor.

Most of you might not agree with my approach. But it is what it is.

A sense of insecurity and a good a motivator is all one needs.

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