Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AIPMT 2015 Cancelled: 6 Tips for Students

Supreme Court cancelled All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) 2015. 

More than six lac students who appeared for the exams are facing some anxious moments. 

I am sure they are having millions of questions. 

Don't worry folks, Here are few tip on what you can do in the meanwhile.

Here are 6 Next steps that can help students.

1. Since this a Supreme Court verdict, it is highly unlikely that the decision will change. Time to mentally prepare yourself that re-exam is bound to happen.

2. Stop thinking and start reading. There is no point of endless debates with parents and friends about the CBSE or Supreme Court verdict. It won't help you. You will get a lot of time in life to think about this nightmare. Immerse yourself in your books.

3. Most probably exam will be held 1 month from now. 12th July Sunday seems to be a date as of now. Things will get clear in coming days. Given the logistics involved in organising the exam, it seems unlikely to take place any-time before that.

4. Imagine that exam is still one month away and prepare accordingly. Don't brood over what date CBSE will declare for the re-exam. They will do whatever/whenever they wish. You start revising with one month timetable. 

5. Consider last exam as a mock test. Don't get bogged down by your performance in that exam. Every exam is different. Every day is new. Maybe it's your lucky break. You might better your performance. Don't be too over confident too, if you cracked last exam well. Time to put in hard work again.

6. Keep yourself stress free. Talk to your parents and take their help if required. Just don't take tension.

For more information check AIPMT website.

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